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Subject:Acid 6 fails to see Edirol FA-101
Posted by: b4dawn
Date:4/5/2006 7:49:39 AM



Acid 6 will not recognize a turn off/on of my Edirol FA-101 firewire interface, if the computer misses it being there on boot. Sometimes my computer will not see the Edirol even through it is always there before computer turn on.

If the computer does not "see" the Edirol, a simple off/on of the Edirol, will activate plug and play and the Edirol will be there.

Reproducible everytime: if I forget to make sure the Edirol FA-101, (my input/output/midi audio to the computer and back via firewire) is recognized by the computer on startup and I have started Acid 6, which takes a long time to start up, probably because of the number of loops / 48,000, Acid 6 will not reconize the Edirol even after several off/on's of the Edirol.

I don't know if this is an Acid problem but Media Player will recognize the Edirol after one off/on cycle.

Reproducible everytime, I go to options, preferences and look in midi, audio and audio device and despite several offs and ons of the Edirol, Acid 6 will not find it.

This means shut down of Acid 6 and the long start up time.

I would appreciate feedback on whether the number of loops has anything to do with the startup time of Acid 6. I can eliminate a lot of loops that are of no use. I have a dual channel, 2.8, 2 gig ram machine and it takes Acid 6 five minutes to load.

Thank you,

Subject:RE: Acid 6 fails to see Edirol FA-101
Reply by: Spheris
Date:4/5/2006 8:19:55 AM


Do a complete power down of both the edirol and the PC, wait 30 seconds, power up the edirol then the pc

after you've logged in, go to run - type regedit

do a search for "vstcache"

you should delete those keys and let the startup completely redetect what's in your vst accessories from ground up.

the media manager can be configured to not update itself until you option to..go to the media manager prefs to set it for that, one scan should do for anything in between adding new loop libraries

Good luck

Subject:RE: Acid 6 fails to see Edirol FA-101
Reply by: bbcdrum
Date:4/5/2006 1:55:44 PM


I just installed the Acid 6 trial (I have and use 4.0) and Acid 6 sees my FA-101 as long as it is on when I open Acid. It does not seem to matter if I turn on the FA-101 before booting the system or if I turn it on after the system is up and running.

Acid 6 also seems to remember the FA-101 if I do a restart. (as long as the FA-101 was left on)

I have few loops and Acid 6 takes less that a minute to start up.

Good luck.


Subject:RE: Acid 6 fails to see Edirol FA-101
Reply by: GLYPTICminority
Date:4/5/2006 8:57:34 PM

As long as my FA-101 is on before I start Acid, I don't have any issues. You should have a problem if you are rebooting your FA-101 to change the sample rate while Acid is open. I would not recommend doing that. Find the right sample rate first, then open Acid only after the FA-101 is on. If you need to change sample rates often during a session, then the FA-101 is simply not the right sound card for you.

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