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Subject:2 Sound Cards
Posted by: jdscogin
Date:4/5/2006 9:33:55 AM

Does anyone know if it is possible to use 2 sound cards for multi track recording. Does not look like it from the help file. Thanks

Subject:RE: 2 Sound Cards
Reply by: nlamartina
Date:4/5/2006 9:56:04 AM

It's only possible if you choose "Windows Classic Wave Driver" as your audio device type in the Preferences page. It works, but the latency will be pretty bad.

- Nick

Subject:RE: 2 Sound Cards
Reply by: pwppch
Date:4/5/2006 11:21:43 AM

In addition, there is no way to correctly synchronize two physically different audio cards. So, if you record with card1 and playback with card 2, there will be offsets that you will have to manage manually.

Additinonally, you had better clock sync the two cards. That is one must be the master clock for the other. If you don't do this, once card could be at 44.05 kHz and the other at 43.850 kHz, which will result in inaccurate sync.

Now, if you have cards that are identical and the vendor supports a driver model that permits sample accurate sync between the two cards, then you should have no problems at all.


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