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Posted by: Buddy Justice
Date:4/1/2006 9:52:03 PM

I use acid and have a triton LE workstation. I'm trying to get the 16 tracks from my workstation to acid. I have a midi to usb plug (midisport uno). PLEASE HELP. the songs are already finished. I just need them on my computer (PC), so I can do the final mix.

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Subject:RE: midi
Reply by: jdscogin
Date:4/2/2006 5:31:19 AM

Which version of Acid are you using? Acid Pro x?
I have an M-Audio Keyboard, and I have no problem using it. Not sure about what you are using. I also have SampleTank soft synth that has 16 tracks at one time and that works. Hope someone with exp with your instrument will replay. Good luck.

Subject:RE: midi
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/2/2006 6:55:46 AM

Assuming you have a version of ACID that supports MIDI recording (ACID XMC and ACID Express do not) what you need to do is connect the MIDI OUT of your Triton to the MIDI IN of ACID. That means making sure your MidiSport Uno is enabled for MIDI input in the Options / Preferences / MIDI tab. You also want to enable this for MIDI output and run a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT back to the MIDI IN on the Triton. This will ensure that you can hear the MIDI playing the Triton.

If you have any version of ACID Pro 4 or 5 or ACID Music Studio 5 or 6 you can record the MIDI from the Triton onto one MIDI track in ACID which will preserve the 16 channels of MIDI. You will then need something like Stolen Track to extract all 16 MIDI channels into 16 ACID tracks. If, however, you upgrade to ACID Pro 6, it will record in multi-track mode so the 16 MIDI tracks will record onto 16 ACID tracks. This is the optimal solution.

Note: You may have to configure the Triton’s sequencer to send MIDI notes out the MIDI OUT. It may only send them internally by default.

To do the mix, you will need one more connection and that is to connect the AUDIO OUT of the Triton to the AUDIO IN of your PC if you expect to use the sound from the Triton in the final production. Once you have the tracks mixed, you will have to record the audio back into ACID onto a stereo audio track.

BTW, all of these connections are explained with full diagrams in the book Instant ACID that Iacobus (mD) and I wrote. There are two whole chapters dedicated to Audio and MIDI recording.


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Subject:RE: midi
Reply by: Buddy Justice
Date:4/2/2006 1:02:38 PM

Hey, Thanks for the reply. I'm using Acid 5.0 on my Dell XPS m140. The MIDIsport uno is a midi in and a midi out to a usb. I can use the triton like a midi controller (using the sounds on acid), but im trying to copy the songs and sounds from my TRITON that i've already recorded. I under stand what your saying though.

My songs on the triton are recorded on 16 diffrent tracks. drums, bass, synth, keys, ect.(In loops already). When I get it on my computer I wanted to be able to move and edit the loops in the same way as always, useing the sounds from my triton. plus add new loops and fills from my hard drive. I'ts driving me crazy.

I'm about to upgade to acid 6, but I dont know if that will make it any easer. I have to search for the proper program before I go spending any money.LOL

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