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Subject:audio tracks are at different volumes on CD
Posted by: carolinaadi
Date:3/28/2006 3:50:29 PM

I burned two audio files to a CD and then tried them out in my car. The first file sounded just fine at a normal volume setting. Then, when the second file played, it was so loud I almost got distortion and had to turn the volume way down.

How do I equalize (if this is the right word) all the tracks burnded to a CD?


Subject:RE: audio tracks are at different volumes on CD
Reply by: Steven Myers
Date:3/30/2006 5:04:00 AM


You didn't say which software you used to burn the CD, so I'm going to assume Sound Forge.
You can have both songs open at the same time in SF. Listen to them. Use Process|Volume... to adjust their levels to your liking.

Other apps, such as CD Architect, are designed to do what you want to do without the destructive editing you'll have to do in Sound Forge.


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