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Subject:Vocal Editing Suggestions for Newbie?
Posted by: carolinaadi
Date:3/21/2006 7:42:13 PM

I just completed my first teleclinic recording using SF7. I plan on burning the file to an Audio CD. Is there anything I should do in terms of editing the audio file? Add any basic effects maybe?

thanks for your suggestions

Subject:RE: Vocal Editing Suggestions for Newbie?
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:3/22/2006 3:24:16 AM


- Waht kind of recording is it? Live music? Voice?

- How will it be used? How will it be distributed?

- What format? Mono/stereo? Bit rate? Sampling frequency?

If you don't know what these terms mean, read the manual. You need to have some basic understanding of audio recording before you start.

You will probably want to apply some EQ and compression, possibly limiting as well. Maybe small room reverb, depending on what the purpose is.

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