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Subject:Traffic Noise
Posted by: Cincyfilmgeek
Date:3/8/2006 1:03:44 PM

Is there any possible way of getting rid of traffic noise that is in the background of a recording?

Subject:RE: Traffic Noise
Reply by: rraud
Date:3/8/2006 2:10:27 PM

If it is a constant "din" type noise, (from distant traffic) yes, the optional Noise Reduction-2 plug-in can attenuate it. Otherwise no.
However the rumble can be reduced with EQ.

Subject:RE: Traffic Noise
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:3/9/2006 10:27:55 PM

I generally use the high pass filter on my condenser mics that have one to avoid recording traffic rumble in the first place. If you are trying to improve an existing recording, you can often knock out very low frequencies with a filter or eq without affecting your music.

Subject:RE: Traffic Noise
Reply by: juan2004
Date:3/16/2006 8:52:52 PM

Well, I triied using Noise Reduction 2, but it do not gave me a big noise reduction, well in few words, you could use Audition 2.0, it has 2 precise filters with many setings to get a best noise and hiss capture; they are Hiss Reduction and Noise Reduction.



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