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Subject:how to uninstall/reinstall
Posted by: djriko
Date:12/30/2005 6:58:11 AM

I need to try an uninstall/reinstall of Acid 5.0 because of ongoing conflicts when I run both Acid and Sound Forge.

What is the best way to go about this? Iacobus had mentioned in another thread doing a reinstall "using only the latest update." What does that mean? I have the Acid 5.0 CD -- should I use that for the reinstall?


Subject:RE: how to uninstall/reinstall
Reply by: MyST
Date:12/30/2005 7:02:50 AM

Try installing the latest update before un-installing.


Subject:RE: how to uninstall/reinstall
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:12/30/2005 1:20:17 PM

You can install using only the update that Mario provided the link to download. It can act either as a patch to your existing install, or the full version of ACID if you don't have ACID presently installed (provided you have your serial key handy).

If what Mario suggested didn't work as well, completely uninstall ACID and then install using only the update. The track record is that it usually clears up some issues users are having.

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