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Subject:Panning Stereo Loops (Drums RADS)
Posted by: Ron Lucas
Date:3/13/2003 3:10:33 PM

I'm using the Sonic Foundry RADS drum loops. I'm trying to figure out how use the loops where the snare is on one channel and the kick is on the other channel. My understanding is this allows me to apply effects to either drum. So, I'm duplicating tracks and making each track panned hard left and hard right so I can only hear the snare on one track and the kick on the other. However, on each track, I hear BOTH drums. What am I doing wrong, or is there another way to accomplish this? By the way, I know these files are the separate snare and kick and not the summed because I can see it in the waveform and hear each drum on different speakers.


Subject:RE: Panning Stereo Loops (Drums RADS)
Reply by: ATP
Date:3/13/2003 4:44:08 PM

i don't know if i understand correctly, but you have a stereo drum loop where the snare is on the left channel and the drum is on the right?

in that case the best option would be to save both channels seperately as a Mono loop (ie, you select the left channel and save that as a mono file. same for the right channel), and then open them both in ACID. you can add effects to each channel seperately then.


Subject:RE: Panning Stereo Loops (Drums RADS)
Reply by: Ron Lucas
Date:3/13/2003 4:50:57 PM

Yes, you are correct about what I'm trying to do. Snare is on the left and kick is on the right.

I was hoping in Acid there was a way, like in Vegas, to right click the audio and say left channel or right channel. But you're saying that I need to open these clips up in, for example SoundForge, and make the changes as you suggested?


Subject:RE: Panning Stereo Loops (Drums RADS)
Reply by: ATP
Date:3/14/2003 8:48:15 AM

that is what i'm saying. note that i'm only talking about the actual seperating of left and right channel and saving these as individual mono files.

you can add effects in ACID, and if for some reason you still want to pan the sounds you can do that in ACID as well, however when you have 2 mono files there is no direct need for panning anymore.

Subject:RE: Panning Stereo Loops (Drums RADS)
Reply by: PumiceT
Date:12/8/2005 6:00:23 AM

I know this thread is ancient, but the need for a solution still applies today.

The free GPan plugin will do what the original poster needs. It can essentially do the function of what Vegas does when telling which channel(s) in a stereo file should be heard.

You have to install the demo of Stereo Enhancer and the free GPan will be installed. I assume if you never use Stereo Enhancer, it'll just sit there quietly while you use the free GPan.

Why doesn't Acid have the same setup for stereo files as Vegas? Seems simple enough. I was working on a cheerleading mix where it was like a Beatles loop, hard panned... As I never know what kind of PA system the mix will be played on, I can't have anything so extremely panned, for fear the mix will be missing the vocal or something. I'd supply the teams with mono versions, but I don't think they'd know what that even means. Anyway, I found GPan to work marvelously!

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