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Subject:VU/PPU = RMS??
Posted by: The Scar
Date:12/2/2005 9:48:50 AM

Trying to find how to get the meters to show RMS, but my guess is that VU/PPU (or whatever the acronym is) is the equivalent?


Subject:RE: VU/PPU = RMS??
Reply by: wymondham
Date:12/2/2005 11:07:17 AM

Hi Scar,

I can't see what you are on about here. I have never seen RMS meters? I have the uk peak meters and the vu meters showing. Where have you seen an RMS meter?

Subject:RE: VU/PPU = RMS??
Reply by: mpd
Date:12/2/2005 1:57:51 PM

SF doesn't do RMS metering. VU metering is similar, but uses a different averaging method.

You can get VST plugins that do RMS metering, but the only way to use them is with the plugin chainer.

Subject:RE: VU/PPU = RMS??
Reply by: MrMenace
Date:12/4/2005 10:13:26 AM

Hey there Tommy.

You know you can go to tools -> Statistics to get the avg RMS for the track right?

As was said here, there is no way to monitor the RMS realtime without adding it in as a plugin.


Subject:RE: VU/PPU = RMS??
Reply by: The Scar
Date:12/4/2005 5:10:58 PM

Thanks all. No wuckers. Will treat VU as RMS, and check stats for RMS post bounce.

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