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Subject:sidechain compressor effect with Acid?
Posted by: trentemoller
Date:10/26/2005 8:24:40 PM

Hi There!
I can't figure out how to get the 'ducking' effect, heard on Daft Punk
and stuff like that.

I have tried the side chain effect on DB dynamic processor, but how does it work with Acid???
Really hope to get an answer asap (-:

Subject:RE: sidechain compressor effect with Acid?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/27/2005 10:29:43 AM

Do you want to duck the music behind a vocal?

Make sure the vocals are as close to unity (0.0 dB) as possible. Cut the background audio between 7 to 14 dB.

Insert a compressor on the master bus. Set the Threshold to between -10 to -15 dB.

Set the Amount to 8:1. Set the Attack to 15 ms and Release to 250 ms. Playback the project and experiment with the track volumes and compressor settings to find the best combination.

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Subject:RE: sidechain compressor effect with Acid?
Reply by: Klirrfaktor
Date:10/28/2005 5:19:08 AM

put the db compressor on the track where your bassdrum is and set all parameters to 0. then select send to "A"

go to the track where your bass/synth/whatever_you_want_to_sidechain and put a second db compressor there. select then recieve from "A". the bassdrum will then trigger the compressor on that track.

a good thing is to create a whole track with a bassdrum and send it to a bus. mute this bus and put the sending db compressor in that track, so you can trigger anotehr track with a "ghost" bassdrum. thats the way i do it ;-)

Subject:RE: sidechain compressor effect with Acid?
Reply by: trentemoller
Date:11/17/2005 12:03:53 PM

A very big thanks to you Klirrfaktor!!!!!!

I have been looking for so long for this feature.
And it's quite simple !!!!!

Thanks a lot again! (-:

...and sorry for my late response.
I will usu this in my next production!!!

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