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Subject:Acid Pro improvement suggestion
Posted by: rictheobscene
Date:10/15/2005 10:58:16 AM

I would like to make a small feature suggestion for Acid Pro, actually, I believe calling it a feature suggestion for the Acid Pro installer would be more appropriate.

I think we should have the option during the install to choose whether or not we want to install and use the Media Manager and MSDE. I understand not givng the option early on because Sony wanted to show the fruits of its labor, but now, user's have decided whether or not they are going to use it. A user like myself who does not want to use it should be able to choose not to install it rather than having to uninstall it and MSDE after the fact.

Just my thoughts

Subject:RE: Acid Pro improvement suggestion
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:10/16/2005 7:16:18 AM

You can "officially" submit this via the Product Suggestion page.


Subject:RE: Acid Pro improvement suggestion
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:10/16/2005 4:14:16 PM

I did, but I like to kick it out on the forums as well just to chew on it a bit.


Subject:RE: Acid Pro improvement suggestion
Reply by: ATP
Date:10/16/2005 4:57:17 PM

signed: yes

and to be on the safe side, during install offer a "Standard" install (which includes everything) for normal users, and an "Advanced" install for experienced users, who can then turn things like Media Manager off etc.

don't think it'll happen though.

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