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Subject:Final file output Level
Posted by: East Main
Date:9/22/2005 1:07:21 PM

Using Acid Pro 5 with M-Audio card. I mix my track so levels don't clip. Then publish the file (wma) to AcidPlanet using the Publish menu. The final volume level of the file played back from the AP site is way lower than anything else I hear on the site.

I can't raise the level in Acid without clipping and the whole point of the publish option is point and click uploads. So I would rather not have to render locally and re-master in something like Sound Forge.

There must be something that is dropping the inall output of the file as its rendered?


Subject:RE: Final file output Level
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:9/24/2005 8:52:17 AM

I realize no one has answered this but as for myself, I’ve never published to ACID planet so I can’t say. It is probably better to ask in their forums since I assume that’s what everyone over there is doing. All of my work gets included in video or goes to CD so I primarily deal with WAV files.


Subject:RE: Final file output Level
Reply by: Klirrfaktor
Date:9/27/2005 1:49:19 AM

use some mastering plugin.. like waves L2, so you can raise the volume without clipping :-)

Subject:RE: Final file output Level
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:10/3/2005 9:37:25 AM

It's been my experience that a number of programs, Acid and Reason included, output volumes that are a bit low. I always open the wav file in Sound Forge and nomalize,EQ (rairly), and compress as needed. If I am going to publish it to acidplanet, I do that from Sound Forge. If you don't have SF, then I guess you'll need some other solution.

Subject:RE: Final file output Level
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/3/2005 10:30:37 AM

When converting to a lossy format such as WMA, you're pretty much also cutting the sonic dynamics a bit. As a result, no matter what you do, you'll probably end up with a not-so-perfect version of your original project.

Still, it's pretty darned close. (At least my projects sound that way. Then again, I master in Sound Forge before rendering to WMA.)

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Subject:RE: Final file output Level
Reply by: Illogical
Date:10/3/2005 12:02:54 PM

Yeah, I always publish directly through the website rather than using the publish button. I think it makes sense to render your mix as a .wav first, and then open that as a new project where you can add a limiter or maximiser to boost your levels a bit before you dumb it down to a .wma file, but I guess that is debatable. It just seems like there's so many calculations to be made in creating a .wma or .mp3 that maybe it's best to let the computer do that as a separate task, rather than doing it at the same time it's compiling (rendering) your mix and all the calculations associated with that.

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