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Subject:Bass compression via Kick envelope
Posted by: shamankick
Date:9/19/2005 11:13:43 AM


It's possible control a Fx of track / Assignable or Bus
by using the envelope from an other track ???

exemple : control the Bass compression by using the Kick envelope ??
(Sorry for my bad english)

Subject:RE: Bass compression via Kick envelope
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:9/19/2005 12:14:42 PM

Hi, just want to copy an envelope from one track to another? Click the Envelope Tool button on the toolbar, then make a selection using the Loop Region.

Be sure to click the envelope you want to copy. Then place the cursor on the desired track and paste.

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Subject:RE: Bass compression via Kick envelope
Reply by: Illogical
Date:9/19/2005 1:39:51 PM

I think he's referring more to a sidechain trigger on a compressor, using the level (though he calls it an envelope) of the kick drum to trigger a compressor on the bass line. It's a very common trick in pro-production to get the bass to 'duck' when the kick comes in to keep levels in check, but I don't think using a side-chain is possible directly in acid due to limited routing options.

If you can find a plug-in with a sidechain option, you would just make a duplicate copy of your kick drum line, and send that in as the sidechain signal to modulate the compression on the bass. I'm again not to sure how the routing on that would work in Acid, but that's the general idea. If anyone else knows, I'm all ears.


Subject:RE: Bass compression via Kick envelope
Reply by: Klirrfaktor
Date:9/22/2005 4:30:35 AM

jep ths is sidechaining.. use db mastering plugins for that, they work pretty good in acid.

Subject:RE: Bass compression via Kick envelope
Reply by: shamankick
Date:9/24/2005 3:23:16 AM


Yes , Illogical, you understand exactly what i need...
this routing is possible in Cubase or Logic...and very effective.

"Merci" everybody, for your advise...

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