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Subject:SF8 Bug w/ Regions?
Posted by: mpd
Date:9/19/2005 2:10:24 PM

Try this:

1. Create a new file
2. Generate some test data
3. Double click the whole file, and create a region
4. Insert 1 sec of silence at the end of the file

Notice that the silence was created inside the existing region. I would think that it should be after the region. Copy and paste behaves in a similar manner.


Subject:RE: SF8 Bug w/ Regions?
Reply by: garrigus
Date:9/25/2005 7:47:12 AM

Hi mpd,

You're right. And I think it does this because the cursor is inside the region when you go to insert silence. To get around it, when the Region dialog box opens, Set the End parameter one sample lower. Then make sure the cursor is at the end of the file and the silence will be inserted after the region.

Best regards,

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