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Subject:Acid 5b "Ram" Bug?
Posted by: joys
Date:7/11/2005 12:52:39 PM

"Acid 5b" does not see advanced of 2048 mb of DDR Ram? I have 3072 Mb DDR Ram!

excused, I do not speak English good, are Italian!

Subject:RE: Acid 5b "Ram" Bug?
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:7/12/2005 4:46:09 AM

Not a bug. A Windows "limitation". While the OS can certainly access 4GB of splits that in half....2048 for apps and 2048 for the OS. There are "switches" and tweaks you can use to change this behavior slightly within the 32bit Windows realm..

WinXP 64 allows a much larger address space but Acid would have to be reworked in such a way to fully support the 64 bit address space.

Subject:RE: Acid 5b "Ram" Bug?
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:7/12/2005 2:17:28 PM;en-us;833721

Have a look at this article. I am sorry that I could not find it in Italian.

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