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Subject:Acid 5 & Gigastudio : work to be done
Posted by: Zacchino
Date:5/27/2005 10:59:04 AM


It seems that I'm the only one rewirering Gigastudio with Acid, as I'm sure of the issues I'm getting with it, and nobody seems to come up with it as far as I know.

Most of the time, when I re-open an Acd project, then open the .gsp (gigastudio) project, or wether clicking on the "launch app" button of the rewire synth properties, 2 times out of 3, it doesn't start the audio engine of Gigastudio (sends midi data, but Gigastudio doesn't make any sound).

Sometime, the workaround would be to clic twice on "lock midi port config" to "wake-up" GigaStudio and Acid (Hello ! You guys are rewired !!!).

Another noticeable thing : when this issue does happen, after I close (first) GigaStudio, and Acid, acid50.exe remaines in the Process. Weird isn't it ?

I know this issue can hardly be reproduceable, but believe me for this one, I don't consider myself a newbie concerning Acid's misbehaviours...

Ow one thing again, I noticed that this happens more frequently when Acid previously crashed, or freezed (when Acid isn't in the Process anymore of course). Because when I restart my PC, then all goes back to normal.

If someone could tell me that this is not only my case, that would be helpful.

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Subject:RE: Acid 5 & Gigastudio : work to be done
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:5/31/2005 2:32:29 PM

Allow me to suggest an option.

This adapter will allow Acid to host GS3 as a VSTi. It just so happens that I run support for FX-Max, and I have tested it with Acid 5.0a and 5.0b.

We have a fully functional 14-day trial version that can be downloaded at the site. The manual is a little bit spotty and is currently under revision, but if you get stuck, you can post on the forum or e-mail the support box. We are one of the few companies that actually respond to support requests for people using the demo.

Subject:RE: Acid 5 & Gigastudio : work to be done
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:5/31/2005 3:05:04 PM

That's great !

I always wondered if GS users waited for years to work with their favorite DAW untill Rewire. You gave me the answer to this ^^.

Hey... I think I saw your nickname in the Cubase forum... Or maybe not. Anyway, I'll give it a try, and report as as soon as I get in trouble.

Believe me, I'm so unlucky with computers that all bugs and crashes comes to me as soon as they know that I didn't press CTRL+S for the last 5 minutes ^^.

Subject:RE: Acid 5 & Gigastudio : work to be done
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:5/31/2005 4:00:25 PM

I run both GS3 and ACid 5.0, but I will admit that I don't use them together. Acid's MIDI facilities are too limited for that - I use Cubase SL3 for serious MIDI work.

GS has always required that you start it first, then start your sequencer from the button in GS. You assign your preferred sequencer as part of the GS setup. Are you using the sequencer button to run ACid from GS?

I do use GS3 rewired to Cubase, and it works fine. I use a Yamaha 01X as my soundcard/mixer/control surface. The 01X doesn't support the GSIF drivers needed by GS3, so rewire is the only option.

Subject:RE: Acid 5 & Gigastudio : work to be done
Reply by: rictheobscene
Date:6/1/2005 6:13:21 AM

Yeah, you can find me on forums hosted by these folks: (Cubase SX, VST, Hardware, and WaveLab)
Cakewalk (Sonar, Project 5)
Native Instruments
KVRAudio (reFX, Raw Materials Software, Concrete FX, FXPansion)
Acid Planet
Natural Studio
Reasonfreaks / Studiofreaks

There are probably some others, that I visit on occasion, but these are the main ones.

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