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Subject:very very very strange
Posted by: Lavoll
Date:4/29/2005 3:02:20 AM

I want to start an acid project by doubleclicking an .acd file.

then i get an uninstalliing ACID dialogue box!!!! "please wait while we uninstall ACID" or something similar.

When I start ACID and open files through the file-open menu, everything is fine.

this is acid 5.0a :-)

Subject:RE: very very very strange
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/29/2005 3:53:46 AM

Good Luck. This is a Windows problem that plagues a lot of programs. One day, every time I clicked on a Word .DOC file, Windows would tell me it needed to install the component I had requested. I would have to cancel and load Word from the application icon. The only thing that solved it was reinstalling Word.

If I were you, I would re-install ACID so that Windows stops getting confused about what is and what is not installed.


Subject:RE: very very very strange
Reply by: Klirrfaktor
Date:5/1/2005 3:26:07 AM

you should use this utility

if you get this kind of behaviour its caused by the self repairing function of windows installer. means if a file has deleted of the installation, it tries to recreate it - but it needs the original installer for that. if you have moved the instalation files - that installer dialog keeps coming up and mostly ends in some loop.

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