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Subject:acid 5.0 keeps freezing
Posted by: metaforensics
Date:4/26/2005 1:28:25 PM

Acid keeps freezing on me whether i use the mbox, or the stcok sound card. Sometimes it happens when i'm scrolling and the song is playing, and sometimes not. sometime i'll reason rewired and making changes in that and it freezes. i guess it all depends on its feeling on that particular day. I have stopped all processes on startup, and only run minimal ones in the background. i have done all the xp tweaks except turing off system restore. here is the error message.

Sony ACID Pro 5.0
Version 5.0a (Build 310)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0xFFFFFFFF IP:0x14019A
Thread: GUI ID=0xA84 Stack=0x11D000-0x130000
EAX=00197558 CS=001b EIP=0014019a EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0011d124 EBP=014c54d8
ECX=0808ed58 DS=0023 ESI=07ea5690 FS=003b
EDX=0011d170 ES=0023 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0014019A: EA 07 58 ED 08 08 D0 02 ..X.....
001401A2: 01 08 E0 FF EF 07 00 5F ......._
Stack Dump:
0011D124: 01192A82 01000000 + 192A82 (acid50k.dll)
0011D128: 001975F8 00140000 + 575F8
0011D12C: 0123C0B8 01000000 + 23C0B8 (acid50k.dll)
0011D130: 0011D170 00030000 + ED170
0011D134: 00000000
0011D138: 00000001
0011D13C: 014C54D8 014A0000 + 254D8
0011D140: 00000000
0011D144: 0053B6F0 00400000 + 13B6F0 (acid50.exe)
0011D148: 07EA5690 07930000 + 575690
0011D14C: 00000001
0011D150: 0011D170 00030000 + ED170
0011D154: 00000000
0011D158: 00000010
0011D15C: 970104AE
0011D160: 037B1258 03760000 + 51258
> 0011D16C: 0053314A 00400000 + 13314A (acid50.exe)
0011D170: 00000000
> 0011D174: 005A72CA 00400000 + 1A72CA (acid50.exe)
0011D178: 014C54D8 014A0000 + 254D8
0011D17C: 970104AE
0011D180: 037B1258 03760000 + 51258
0011D184: 00198A68 00140000 + 58A68
> 0011D234: 00720077 00400000 + 320077 (acid50.exe)
- - -
0012FFF0: 00000000
0012FFF4: 00000000
0012FFF8: 0063F600 00400000 + 23F600 (acid50.exe)
0012FFFC: 00000000

it was also saying something about some local txt file or something located in my documents file, and asked if i wanted to send to microsoft. So i did. please help this is very frustrating

Subject:RE: acid 5.0 keeps freezing
Reply by: SonyJennL
Date:4/26/2005 3:20:32 PM

Hi metaforensics,

The crash you are experiencing is the result of a scrolling bug (you'll find mention of it here and there). We have fixed this for 5.0b, though I do not know when that will be released.

In the meantime, it is somewhat avoidable if you can remove any non-track-optimized effects you have on your tracks (bus effects are not a problem).


Subject:RE: acid 5.0 keeps freezing
Reply by: metaforensics
Date:4/26/2005 3:27:01 PM

thank you, also what r non optimized effects. all i use are the ones provided w/ the software

Message last edited on4/26/2005 3:27:51 PM bymetaforensics.
Subject:RE: acid 5.0 keeps freezing
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:4/26/2005 6:33:26 PM

Any effects not listed under the Plug-In Chooser's "Track Optimized" folder. Distortion is an opitimized effect, for example, while vibrato isn't.

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Subject:RE: acid 5.0 keeps freezing
Reply by: metaforensics
Date:4/27/2005 7:28:38 AM

ooooh ok, thanks very much

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