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Subject:My Audio Workflow Requirements... list yours
Posted by: tmrpro
Date:4/24/2005 7:46:07 AM

SERIOUS MIDI SEQUENCING support for multiple I/O routing, etc.
SUPPORT FOR SOFTSYNTHs and maybe sampler format sample read and perform capability

Subject:RE: My Audio Workflow Requirements... list yours
Reply by: billybk
Date:4/24/2005 9:26:53 AM

If your talking specifically as it relates to ACID Pro's paradigm, and my personal workflow, there are only a few things I would like to see improved currently:

1) Track volume meters that can be turned on/off as needed.
At the very least, a volume clip indicator, on each track,

2) A live input monitoring feature for recording audio tracks. As a guitarist, I would love to plug in Amplitube, Nigel or Guitar Rig and jam to my ACID tracks, while I wail away, on my Les Paul.

3) Along the same vein, while using live input monitoring, the ability to comp tracks, in project loop mode, when audio recording. IOW, say I want to record a guitar solo, in my ACID project. I'll set a Loop Region, in my project, where I want to record my guitar part and press record to bring up the Record dialog box.
In the dialog box, I'll have new options to "Record to the Loop Region" and "Comp Record till Stop" and "Pre-Roll by Measure" (which can be adjusted by measure, for this exercise I would select 4, so I can get into the flow before I start recording, at the begin loop point) With these three options selected, when I press Record, Playback would begin 4 measures before the Loop Region, so I can begin to get into the flow musically. Once at the Loop Region, audio recording would begin through the end of the Loop Region and then would go back to the beginning of the Loop Region for a 2nd pass, then a 3rd, 4th or until I press Stop. I could take those recorded tracks that I recorded, place them in a Folder Track and then slice and dice the best bits into a cohesive solo or rhythm track.

4) Also, the ability to adjust the record input level from the Record Dialog box.

5) I would like to be able to hover the mouse over the FX icons, press a hot key, and to quickly see what FX, in what order, are in the bins. Like what you see now when you hover over icons and it tells you what it is/does.

My workflow revolves around building up audio loop tracks, recording some audio tracks and sometimes a MIDI track or two.
I would say, for most projects, I do 75% audio loops, 20% audio recording and 5% MIDI.

Billy Buck

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Subject:RE: My Audio Workflow Requirements... list yours
Reply by: Rednroll
Date:4/24/2005 11:32:50 AM

I'll have everything Tmrpro is having, I fully support everything he listed.

In addition on the midi side:
1. Midi bulk dump support

2. Instrument/Patch name support and editor, so you can create your own.

3. I should be able to select the Instrument/ext midi port, the midi channel, and the patch names associated with the port/channel directly from a track. How it's set up now is backwards in my opionion, if you are trying to audition different sounds for a particular midi track performance. So on a track it should have along with the Device selection, it should further have a midi channel selection available for that device, then midi patch names associated with that channel should be selectable all from the track.

4. A Master Device, Instrument, patch selector. I should be able to playback a project I'm working on, then just play my midi controler along with that performance so that I can audition different instruments and patches, without having to create a new midi track. Once I make my selection, then I create a new midi track, then that track should default record to what I have selected in the master selector. With this feature, I could then have Ext FX processors and easily go through my FX processor presets for mixing needs without having to get up and goto my FX processor to do this.

5. Program change Record. Again using the master instrument/patch selector I could record enable a midi track, then through my program change selections in the master selctions these get recorded onto a track along side the midi data that's already there (ie add record function). So with my ext FX process I could use a Reverb preset in one part of a song, then do a program change for another part and use a Chorus FX, then again go back to the Reverb later in the song. The same thing for instruments/patches if I choose.

6. Nestable .ACD project support

If I can't have these midi features in Acid, because it is not what Acid is about, then provide me a solution for midi sequencing needs by developing Midi Forge, that can be rewire host/slave so that I can rewire it to Acid.

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Subject:RE: My Audio Workflow Requirements... list yours
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:4/25/2005 9:16:46 AM

2) A live input monitoring feature for recording audio tracks. As a guitarist, I would love to plug in Amplitube, Nigel or Guitar Rig and jam to my ACID tracks, while I wail away, on my Les Paul.

I do this already with my setup. I have my DigiTech GNX2 guitar effects processor's S/PDIF out going into my Echo MiaMIDI's S/PDIF in. The MiaMIDI itself does all the input monitoring while letting me listen to the ACID project. I'd personally want to do it via hardware rather than software anyway.

All I'd like in terms of recording is a pre-roll so I don't end up with so much extraneous data before I actually record.

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Subject:RE: My Audio Workflow Requirements... list yours
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/25/2005 10:25:03 AM

Agreed. I already have live input monitoring via my M-Audio Firewire 410 so I don’t need it in software.

1) Pre-roll is sorely needed. Editing each and every take to remove silence is getting very tiresome.

2) Track volume meters are another feature that would make mixing so much easier. It is impossible to see which track is clipping without them (even just clip indicators would be better than nothing).


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