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Subject:how to resize plugin chainer(sf8)
Posted by: Davidwf
Date:4/16/2005 7:16:24 AM

Hi all . just upgraded from sf5 . Is there a way to resize the plugin chainer?
I would like to see the whole plugin and the wave form at the bottom. when I resize by draging I loose the bottom half of the pluggin. I can resize the wave but not the pluggins. Feeling very stupid ,can some one help me out?

Subject:RE: how to resize plugin chainer(sf8)
Reply by: Rednroll
Date:4/16/2005 11:29:55 AM

You can only resize the size of the plugin Chainer Window, by typical windows convention of dragging the bottom right corner, sides, and bottom. You can not resize the actual plugin within the chainer. This is due to the actual plugins designed GUI size as given by the third party developer.

If I'm understanding you correctly, I had this same problem in the past with Izotope Ozone, where when I open the plugin it takes up the majority of my screen space, leaving very little room to work with the actual Wave. If you reduce the size of the plugin chaner window so you can see more of the wave then you can't access all the buttons on the plugin and there's no scroll bars that appear to get to them. From my understanding, again this is all to the plugin itself and not Sound Forge.

What you can do is dock the plugin chainer at the bottom of Forge, then just drag the top bar of the docked area to make the plugin appear and disappear.

I recently learned since I just got dual monitors in my setup, that having a dual monitor setup is probably your best option. I can now put Forge and it's waveform view on one monitor then drag the entire plugin chainer window to the other monitor so that it occupies that screen space.

Subject:RE: how to resize plugin chainer(sf8)
Reply by: Davidwf
Date:4/16/2005 3:27:26 PM

thanks for the prompt reply Rednroll, yes, you indeed understood my question. 2 monitors would be a great work around!
thanks again, David

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