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Subject:Clicks and Pops with SF 8.0
Posted by: StevenGurg
Date:4/11/2005 2:27:06 PM

Since upgrading to Sound Forge 8.0, I am now getting clicks and pops within the recording. I have a high-end convertor (Apogee PSX-100SE) in one computer, and an M-Audio Delta 24/96 Audiophile card in another computer. I found that setting the DMA buffer to 512 up from 256 helped quite a bit. Does anyone have any experience with DMA settings and ASIO or clicks and pops with Sound Forge 8.0? Any advice on settings?

Subject:RE: Clicks and Pops with SF 8.0
Reply by: Sonic
Date:4/12/2005 7:28:56 AM

There are a handful of reports about similar recording issues that will be addressed in 8.0a. The problem is exasperated by short buffers and/or unrelated disk access. Until then, you'll have to experiment or give the Windows Classic driver a try.


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