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Subject:Soft synth limit?
Posted by: Tomdini
Date:4/7/2005 10:40:17 AM

Yup. So apparently there's a 32 soft synth limit in Acid... am I right?

I'm using a multi-timbral VSTi (GPO, if it matters) which can load up to eight different instruments in one instance. When inserting this VSTi in Acid, it creates the main soft synth in the mixer, followed by stereo sub-busses for each instrument's stereo pair (3/4, 5/6, etc etc, up to 15/16). When the music plays back, I observe signals only in the main bus for each soft synth instance. The other 7 don't appear to be receiving anything. They're worthless. And I don't see any way within GPO to eliminate their existence... the options are quite basic and don't appear to provide any routing opportunities... I'll be posting on their forums, as well.

So, with each instance creating 8 sub-synths in the mixer (despite the fact that only the first stereo pair receives every signal for that instance), and a 32 synth limit in Acid... that gives me... a whopping 4 instances. And that's without all the many other synths I have to load up.

So is this limit a result of me doing something wrong (configuring incorrectly, etc), or is it actually there? I can scarcely believe it... I don't see why there ought to be a limit to anything these days... you ought to be able to load up synths indefinitely until you have no more resources to allocate.

Too bad. I own and use quite a few music production packages, and none of them are very good at multi-timbral stuff. I thought Acid was finally it (because other than this limitation it works quite nicely), but I suppose I'll need to find another program. I can't get rid of those sub-synth busses without trashing the whole VSTi... I can't find a way around this restriction.

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.


Subject:RE: Soft synth limit?
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/7/2005 9:50:53 PM

Isn’t GPO based on the Kontakt engine? I have Kontakt and it allows you to route your outputs to all the busses. It also allows you to control the number of Busses that ACID sees. This is not an ACID issue, it’s a VST plug-in issue. If the plug-in tells ACID it has 8 outputs and then doesn’t allow users to route to all 8 outputs then the plug-in is written badly.


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