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Subject:SF8 burning coasters??
Posted by: TRANCEBOY
Date:4/2/2005 9:04:26 PM

I just bought SF8 upgrade. Also, I must say the following problem for me, is also exactly the same in Acid Pro 5.0a.

i just upgraded the firmware of my drive (DVR-109), using the latest official pioneer firmware, but it didn't seem to help.

FWIW, Nero 6 burns audio and data just fine. i have all my system specs in my user details.

Basically, i have tried to burn cd's in SF8 and AcidPro5 via the menu function. it correctly recognizes the drive. It says the burn completed without errors. But the cd is blank! Nothing to play, yet, the cd has been rendered unusable in any other software (eg nero), but if I put the same cd back in Acid pro or SF8 it will burn it again, saying it did it without errors!

I must be missing something, or doing something wrong, in any case I'm stumped and would love to stop wasting cd's if someone can help.


Subject:RE: SF8 burning coasters??
Date:4/4/2005 9:03:54 AM

doh, what a nong I am...i needed to "close" the disc. doh..sorry everyone, disregard my idiocy loh

Subject:RE: SF8 burning coasters??
Date:4/10/2005 10:58:10 PM

Glad you found a solution, but I have to report that I'm having problems with my DVR-109 (external FireWire) in both SF8 and CDA5.2. While in SF6 I can audition tracks on CD's with this drive, in SF8 I get no audio. And my attempts to burn CD's with this drive and 5.2 have been disastrous: very slow and with corrupted track information on the burned CD's. Again, no problems with this drive and CDA5. Anybody else using the newer software with this drive successfully?

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