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Subject:5.0a update question
Posted by: metaforensics
Date:3/10/2005 4:43:27 PM

For some reason after I installed the 5.0a update now my cd burner doesn't show on eith my home nor my laptop
system specs:
home pc-sony vaio
2.8 ghz
512 ram
128 mb raedon vidoe card
laptop-dell 9100
1 gig of ram
9700 mobility raedon video card
both pcs have reason 2.3, and pro tools 6.4 with the latest asio drivers, norton is installed on the laptop. hopefully someone can help me. I'm going to try and re installed, and I'll report back tomorrow. Any suggestions are welcomed

Subject:RE: 5.0a update question
Reply by: H2000
Date:3/10/2005 5:13:56 PM

It seems to be a problem with 5a, but I reinstalled and it was fine. Reinstalling worked for another user also - not sure why.

Subject:RE: 5.0a update question
Reply by: metaforensics
Date:3/10/2005 5:26:09 PM

Cool let me try that

Subject:RE: 5.0a update question
Reply by: MyST
Date:3/10/2005 5:39:42 PM

This is getting interesting...

What do most of us having seen this have in common?
Radeon graphics card.

Before you burst out laughing, I'm pretty sure it's happened before that an ATI driver had conflicts with Acid.

Again, one user in the Sound Forge forum has seen this with Wavelab 4.

If re-installing doesn't work, just for the heck of it, try installing the latest driver from ATI that was released yesterday.


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Subject:RE: 5.0a update question
Reply by: metaforensics
Date:3/11/2005 7:53:28 AM

Yep re installing the update again helped.

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