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Subject:Script Menu: Save Regions as Files
Posted by: SonyKV
Date:3/7/2005 3:40:05 PM

The scripts that shipped with Sound Forge 8 are intended to be useful as is, and easily modified by newbie script writers.

For example: the script Save Regions as Files creates PCA files, but a simple edit will modify the script to use a different file type.

Here's how:
1. Make a backup copy of the Script Menu folder ... just in case you want to revert your changes. The scrip menu folder is found here by default: c:\Program Files\Sony\Sound Forge 8.0\Script Menu
2. From the View menu, choose Script Editor if the Script Editor window isn't already visible.
3. Click the Open button in the Script Editor window, choose the script you want to edit, and then click Open. In this case, choose Save Regions as Files.cs
4. On line 14, you can see the ".pca" to indicate the file type that the script is using. Simply type a different extension where .pca
5. Save the script with the Save or Save As button in the script editor.

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