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Subject:Getting Regions to SNAP???
Posted by: AFSDMS
Date:2/15/2005 4:59:06 PM

I can't find any way to do this and it seems a natural for SF.

Just as happens for some operations in Vegas, in Sound Forge I would like a Region marker to Snap to another Region marker or a point marker. Anybody know how to get this behavior? It would be so helpful when I am tweaking Regions to the tracks are automatically set up when I load the file into CD Architect.

I hope that someday the horizontal scroll bar below a SF window will become a 'Smart' one like in Vegas. You know, where the ends of the button on the scroll bar can be adjusted to change the amount of data in the window, etc. That design is truly an award winner. Simple, easy to use, and extremely functional and powerful.

Subject:RE: Getting Regions to SNAP???
Reply by: RiRo
Date:2/16/2005 8:27:46 AM

Hold control and press the right or left arrow

Subject:RE: Getting Regions to SNAP???
Reply by: AFSDMS
Date:2/17/2005 4:36:21 PM

"Hold control and press the right or left arrow"

That moves the cursor to the next Marker or Region boundary. In my case I have had to move the end point of a Region and then I want to move an adjacent Region beginning point to the same position. So the mouse pointer is on a Region beginning point and I am sliding it towards an adjacent Region end mark. I want it to Snap to that other marker when it gets close. BTW, I have tried holding Ctrl, Shift, and Alt and combinations to get this behavior. No luck.

Is that clearer?


Subject:RE: Getting Regions to SNAP???
Reply by: SonyTSW
Date:3/3/2005 8:13:03 PM

You could use copy and paste to accomplish this as follows:

1. Set the ruler to samples
2. Double click on the marker or region you want your region end to snap to, the Edit Marker/Region dialog comes up. Copy the text to the clipboard from either the Start or End edit box, whichever you'll be adjusting your region to. You can double click inside the box to quickly select all of the text, then hit Ctrl+C to copy it. Cancel out of the dialog.
3. Now double click the region you want to adjust, and paste the text into the appropriate box (select the text and hit Ctrl+V to do the paste). Click OK and the region end (or start) will "snap" to where you want it.

Note: It's important to set the ruler to samples, the other options don't show enough decimal places for this to work precisely.

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