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Posted by: djfm
Date:2/3/2005 2:31:32 AM

how good is acid at djing or making a mix cd?
thanks for looking

Subject:RE: djing
Reply by: lolyfe00
Date:2/3/2005 9:08:21 AM

Pretty good actually. I do radio mixes as well as mix cds with it. The Beatmapper is works well and you can easily stretch tracks to get the blends perfect. A lot of other DJs I know use Vegas. They say it's easier than ACID but I've haven't yet taken the time to learn it. I've played around with it a little but never got very far with it. Hope this helps

Subject:RE: djing
Reply by: djHSL
Date:2/11/2005 1:53:19 AM


I DJ two nights every week using Traktor, and EVERY track I have gets edited through Acid before entering my collection. ACID allows me to standardise the BPM ... no more fiddling between 129.1 and 129.2 ... and I have a couple of small utilities which populate my collection file direct from the ACID tag.

I started with ACID Music Studio 5, but found that a must-have is the Wave Hammer plug-in. This is great for automatically managing volumes in mixes, or when extending a beat to liven up an otherwise boring break-down. I ended up getting a cheap copy of ACID Pro 4.

Now, all my promo mixes are done with ACID, as well as occasional stuff I put together for radio, fashion shows, etc.

I couldn't do my job without it.

Subject:RE: djing
Reply by: zendar
Date:2/11/2005 10:36:33 AM

i use the holy trinity...sound forge to chop out instrumental loop sections (intros etc) then chuck all these in acid to make my bridges and mixes, then dump the lot in vegas, section at a time, adding in the original track inbetween the bridge parts

works a flippin treet

Subject:RE: djing
Reply by: mortalengines
Date:2/12/2005 1:20:48 PM

I've really gotten alot out of using Sound Forge for loop extraction for later use in Acid- as time goes on you really find alot of uses for having both - Sound Forge really extends creative possibilities for Acid & is really good for quick final masters of your output as well.

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