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Subject:I took the plunge
Posted by: Krib_Deth
Date:2/7/2005 8:33:00 AM

...and uninstalled Acid 5 from my computer today. I'm refusing to use this until Sony fixes it. I've tried everything, under the sun, to keep it up and running. After hours of tweeking with the midi settings, watching it fight with Fruity Loops, experiencing crash after crash (after several reinstalls of Windows XP PRO), after resolving every IRQ conflict that existed (though Acid 4 didn't seem to have issues with it), after waiting and waitng and waiting for some sort of epiphany of whether I was doing something wrong, after hours of pouring through the documentation...I have given up.

You won, Sony!

Subject:RE: I took the plunge
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:2/7/2005 9:44:09 AM

I'm sorry your having all these problems dude. Did you send a bug report to sony? Make sure to be very specific with your hardware+software your using and step by step repro and hopefully when 5.0a comes out you'll be good to go. I'm not seeing any of this "crash after crash" stuff but I'm not using Fruity loops either. Have you gotten a response from cakewalk about this?



Subject:RE: I took the plunge
Reply by: mnickolas
Date:2/8/2005 8:42:24 PM

I took mine off a lot quicker than you did. And it barely came off. Windows told me "unable to un-install" the first few times I tried... not worth the trouble. Even had to re-install and setup version four because version five took the track plug-in eq with it.

Subject:RE: I took the plunge
Reply by: dabb
Date:2/9/2005 9:47:57 PM

I've had all sorts of problems with Acid4 and Acid5 on all three of my machines. I've since removed all Acid software and have found other ways to use loops. Sony did one big mistake they waited to long to continue development of this software and by the time they did decide it was way to late in the game. I see this software going on the wayside soon. Check other forums to see what people think of Acid it speaks for itself...Or just look at how long its taking Sony to release a fix for some bugs that have been found since its release.

Subject:RE: I took the plunge
Reply by: coolout
Date:2/10/2005 2:43:53 AM

although i not trying to pick a fight with anyone, if you've done away with acid and moved on to another app, what the heck are you still doing on this forum?

acid 5 is very stable on my pc and the only bugs i've noticed are for the most part minor it taking longer to launch than acid 4 because it keeps scanning for new plugins everytime and if you have to make sure you save and name the project before you record a midi or audio track.

i wish the real time triggering of loops was more flexible and it would also remember how i view folders. i'm getting tired of everytime i open a song having to change the file type to "acid project files", the view to "details", and then hitting the "date modified" tab just to find a damn song. my preferences for viewing files are remembered in windows and also in acid's explorer, but not when i go to open a song...strange.

all in all i will say these are just mild niggles and for an intial release i have found acid5 to be alot tighter and stable than the initial release of acid4 was.

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