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Subject:Using Acid with Emu's Patchmix DSP
Posted by: mortalengines
Date:2/5/2005 2:07:39 PM

Hi, I have an emu 1820m soundcard & I understand that I can use the Patchmix DSP effects on a final mix prior to rendering (I think)... Actually the more I think about it, I really don't know how to take advantage of my soundcards onboard processing with Acid. Can I assign individual tracks to different effects within it freeing up much needed CPU resources? How is the Compressor - Is it better than Acid's? I have Acid Pro 5 by the way- It runs slower than 4....Anyone noticed this?

Subject:RE: Using Acid with Emu's Patchmix DSP
Reply by: Martian
Date:2/5/2005 5:35:50 PM

is Acid 5 running slower? If it is the launch of the program that is too long then try to disable the media manager. I use the e-mu 1212m as soundcard and I must admit that I never used the effects other than for monitoring (reverba on singing ´n stuff). I look foreward to see what other users have to say about that.

Subject:RE: Using Acid with Emu's Patchmix DSP
Reply by: pwppch
Date:2/5/2005 8:18:13 PM

If the EMU exposes its effects as VST (or DX) plugins, then you can use them in ACID.

From the docs, it appears you have to set up "EMU VST E-Wire" to do this.

Looks complicated, but you should refer to your EMU documenation to determine how to accomplish this.


Subject:RE: Using Acid with Emu's Patchmix DSP
Reply by: bartchilders
Date:2/6/2005 10:40:42 AM

I use an EMU 1820M, it comes with a VST plug-in that exposes all fo the internal FX as a "FX Rack".

Honestly, they don't sound that great. I only use the 1820M FX for things adding some 'verb to a headphone mix when tracking Vox, things like that.

Good luck!

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