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Subject:Soundforge 6.0 hangs when trying to use file window
Posted by: Bjorn_Lynne
Date:1/13/2005 7:17:21 AM

Hi, I wonder if somebody could help me with this one, or have had/fixed a similar problem?

I have SoundForge 6.0 and have been using it without problems for months. But a few days ago I had a severe harddisk crash, and I had to reinstall Windows XP and all my software on a brand new harddrive.

Now Soundforge 6.0 hangs whenever it tries to use the "file open" or "save as" windows. Any action that requires the file browsing/naming window where you open or save files, causes SF to hang.

Has anybody else had this problem, or does anybody have any suggestions to possible solutions?

Thanks in advance,
Bjorn Lynne

Subject:RE: Soundforge 6.0 hangs when trying to use file window
Reply by: clyde2004
Date:1/19/2005 6:06:54 AM

Does it copmpletely hang? I mean do you have to do the 'three finger salute' to recover? I'm still using 6 as well and it always has been very slow the first time I try to open, save, save as. However, afterwards there sees to be no delay.


Subject:RE: Soundforge 6.0 hangs when trying to use file window
Reply by: SonyTSW
Date:1/19/2005 8:22:03 PM

This was a problem in Sound Forge 5.0 when QuickTime isn't installed but it shouldn't have been an issue in 6.0. In any case, try installing the latest version of QuickTime and see if that fixes your problem. You'll need to do a custom install and install everything.

Also, if you are running 6.0 you should download and install the 6.0e update. You can get to it from Support | Updates at the top of this page.

A search of the Sound Forge forum turned up these threads:

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