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Subject:A SONAR-ACID Pro 5 rewire tip!
Posted by: billybk
Date:11/23/2004 11:02:32 AM

Here is a helpful SONAR rewire tip and technique, from our friends @ Propellerheads, it pertained to Reason, but I just found out it works just as well with ACID Pro 5 ! ! ! !

For those of you that have ventured into rewire land with SONAR and ACID Pro 5, you have probably found out that you can't do a normal Edit -> Bounce to Tracks, of your ACID project right into SONAR. Or can you? :)

You set it up to bounce the ACID/ReWire tracks to a brand new audio track, click goes through the motions.....

...but • nothing happens • : no new audio track is actually generated.
Damn! Now what....?


It appears that for some weird reason, if your new MIDI track in SONAR that was generated, (using the "Insert DXi Synth Options" dialog box, you should have the MIDI Source track box checked), when you inserted your ReWire/ACID track contains no MIDI data in it at all....which is the case when you create the new track this way!....SONAR will NOT "Bounce to Tracks" at all! SONAR • has • to see some MIDI data before allowing the "Bounce to Tracks" function to work.


Trick SONAR into thinking there • IS • MIDI data in there, by way of entering a single zero-length note: then "Bounce to Tracks" works perfectly. Here's how to do it:

• First, select the MIDI track that SONAR generated when you inserted your ACID/ReWire device. Then, open up the Piano Roll screen for that track.

• Make sure your "Now Time" is rewound to the very beginning of where you want the ACID audio to start (if it's at the very beginning of the song, then it's at "1:01:000").

• Using the Pencil Tool, enter a single note at this point. It doesn't matter • what • note it is, as long as it's at the beginning of where you want the ACID audio to start!

• Now, right-click on that note and open the "Note Properties" dialog.

• Now enter a value of "0" for the Length, and a value of "1" (the lowest it'll allow) for Velocity. Click "OK".

• Now, grab the end of the MIDI clip you just generated and drag it all the way to the right, the total number of bars of the audio you have in your ACID song (if you're bringing over the works, it'll be the total number of bars in the song itself).

• Check to make sure the BPM setting in SONAR is the same as it is in your ACID song!! SONAR defaults to 100 BPM for new projects, so adjust accordingly.

• NOW...go to Edit -> Bounce to Tracks...and bounce to a new audio track.
This time it should work, and your ACID audio will land in this newly generated track. At this point you can either keep the ReWire connection up...or you can delete it and just use this audio track to do with as you wish.
Either way: make sure that you at least Mute or Archive the original ACID MIDI and Audio tracks, else you'll get doubling.

It works perfectly, now you can bounce your ACID tracks right onto the SONAR timeline if you want to. :)

Billy Buck

Subject:RE: A SONAR-ACID Pro 5 rewire tip!
Reply by: Lionel Richtea
Date:11/23/2004 11:35:50 AM

well, that's a fabulous tip and great to know for Reason alone...

i must be doing something wrong thougth, as I am not actually hearing any sound although I can see that it's rendered a waveform there... hmmmm ... will hreboot and give it another go...

cheers dude!

Subject:RE: A SONAR-ACID Pro 5 rewire tip!
Reply by: Kered
Date:11/23/2004 5:12:12 PM

Interestingly, you can use the Freeze option on a Rewired track in Sonar 4 with no problem (asides from you appear to need at least some midi or audio data somewhere in your project for it to work), but the Bounce to Track option still works as described above.

Subject:RE: A SONAR-ACID Pro 5 rewire tip!
Reply by: bartchilders
Date:1/17/2005 1:41:49 PM

I thought REWIRE would force tempo sync.

What if your projects change tempo several times? Does ACID stay Sync'ed?

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