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Subject:Acid Pro 5 Previewing Loops Problem
Posted by: Jpelton
Date:1/13/2005 7:08:24 PM

Has anyone noticed that when previewing loops, if you change the tempo dynamically while the loop is playing it will stop and you have to hit play again?

I've also noticed that sometimes if I change the tempo, the loop won't playback at the changed speed. I've been with Acid since 2.0 and this is the first time it's doing this.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 5 Previewing Loops Problem
Reply by: Erik_Nygaard
Date:1/14/2005 1:49:20 AM

The new tempo not taking when you insert a new has been acknowledged as a bug and will be fixed.
There's an earlier thread here with a response from Sony.

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