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Subject:problems with saving files
Posted by: estamm
Date:12/22/2004 2:50:57 AM

I have Sound Forge 6.0e. I wanted to save files in ADPCM format, so I installed Microsoft Audio Compression Manager (ACM), Microsoft ADPCM codec and IMA ADPCM codec. After that, I was able to save files in ADPCM format, but Sound Forge always puts an extra piece of the file at the very end that was not there before. It's almost as if it copies a small sliver of the file and pastes it at the end. If I delete this bit of unwanted audio from the file and hit the save icon (NOT the Save As... icon) it brings up the Save As... screen every time. "No problem", I thought, "I'll just replace the file in the Save As... screen with the one I just edited." Only, when I do this, the same sliver of extra sound is right back again. There is absolutely no way to get rid of it. Saving in ADPCM format is useless to me.

Also, I've now noticed that if I save a looped PCM file under a different name, the loop points disappear in the new file. I'm not sure if this happens with other formats, but I know it didn't happen before I installed the above.

Just for the record, I have both a legit copy of Sound Forge 6.0e and Windows XP. A huge thank you to anyone can help me with this.

Subject:RE: problems with saving files
Reply by: keether
Date:12/22/2004 4:59:13 PM

I think I hear you describing what I discovered some months ago. I did report it here, but didn't (at the time) get any feedback. It wasn't important.

How big is this "little sliver" you describe? Is it a sliver from the file itself, or an extraneous sound? Is it a repeat of the last moment of the file?

Subject:RE: problems with saving files
Reply by: estamm
Date:12/22/2004 10:07:37 PM

It's not always the same. In one ADPCM file that is 22,050Hz the sliver was obviously copied from the very beginning of the file. In another file that is 44.1kHz, the sliver was copied from a place slightly before the left loop point, only it's slightly different from the original. I'm guessing it's taking a piece of the file before it was converted to ADPCM format and pasting it on the end of the entire file, and that's why it looks almost the same, but not quite.

The size of the sliver is about 1,000 samples for the 22,050Hz file and 2000 samples for the 44.1kHz file.

The sliver isn't the only thing that is put at the end of the file. Each file has a zig-zag pattern (like a simple saw wave) that starts at the end of the actual file and eventually runs into the sliver.

Subject:RE: problems with saving files
Reply by: SonyTSW
Date:1/7/2005 8:44:33 PM

Try turning off the "Ignore fact chunk" pref and see if that fixes your problem.

See the following threads for more information:

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