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Subject:Removing Media Manager Tags from Files
Posted by: knowbody
Date:1/2/2005 5:53:30 PM

I created a tag, applied it to a group of files and then saved it to the actual file. However, the tag created automatically when the original scan was done was also saved to the file. I don't want this information to be saved in the file. Is there anyway to strip this metadata (is that the right term?) from the file? In other words how can tag data that has been saved to the actual file itself be removed.


Chris (Hunt)

Subject:RE: Removing Media Manager Tags from Files
Reply by: SonySCS
Date:1/3/2005 10:37:22 AM

As you've found out, once you've tagged a file and saved the data back to it, then every time you scan the file the tag is added back to the tag tree.
The solution is to delete the tag from the tree a second time (optional: refresh the display so you don't even see it in the tags column) and then resave the tags and properties back to the file. This will save active tags and get rid of the old ones including the one you deleted.


Subject:RE: Removing Media Manager Tags from Files
Reply by: jwf
Date:1/3/2005 1:55:14 PM

Or you could remove the tag from the items, but leave the tag in the tag tree (if you find it valuable for other items). Then select the files and save properties back to the file.

You switch between adding/removing tags when dragging and dropping tags by the toolbar directly above the tag tree. Also, you can remove a tag from an item using its context menu.

Subject:RE: Removing Media Manager Tags from Files
Reply by: knowbody
Date:1/3/2005 4:42:45 PM

Thanks for the replys - I just got up and I think I need some coffee to understand them!

Is the context menu accessed by right clicking a file? I refresh the display by using F5? Basically if I understand you then every time I save tags to a file it overwrites any information that was there before? How does this work if I have more than one database? Is the following correct:

Tags: apple, banana, cherry. save to file

Create DATABASE 2 (add tags and custom properties from files option checked)
The tags: apple, banana, cherry are created automatically.

In DATABASE 2 add the tag: Grapefruit.
This tag won't show in DATABASE 1

Save the tags in DATABASE 2 to the files

Now in DATABASE 1 in the tag column does the tag grapefruit show automatically or only if I rescan the files?

Or, say I remove all the tags from DATABASE 2 and save this to the files. Does this remove the tags in DATABASE 1 automatically, or when the files are rescanned or never?

Hope this understandable - I need some breakfast!
Thanks again,


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