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Subject:ACID Pro 5 Clicks & Pops
Posted by: danika
Date:12/25/2004 10:23:57 AM

I have one project in ACID Pro 5 where I get clicks and pops on several tracks. I checked the wav files and there are no clicks and pops in the samples. I have also rendered the tracks and checked the results--again no clicks and pops. The problem only occurs when I play the project.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 5 Clicks & Pops
Reply by: djHSL
Date:12/26/2004 4:23:38 PM

What sound card are you using? It sounds like your latency is too low.

Subject:RE: ACID Pro 5 Clicks & Pops
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:12/27/2004 9:42:06 AM

Try increasing your soundcard's latency as djHSL mentioned. If that doesn't work, try different soundcard drivers. Let us know of your config if you still need help.

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Subject:RE: ACID Pro 5 Clicks & Pops
Reply by: danika
Date:12/27/2004 10:38:34 AM

I'm using an M-Audio Delta 2496. I had the Audio Device Type set to the ASIO drivers. I changed the Audio Device Type to the Microsoft Sound Mapper which, in effect, changed the drivers to WDM. After that, no more clicks and pops.

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