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Subject:Acid5.0a Update
Posted by: METAFOR
Date:12/22/2004 2:37:37 PM

I wonder how long before this happens. hopefully soon.

Subject:RE: Acid5.0a Update
Reply by: Mampi
Date:12/23/2004 12:22:47 AM

same here

Subject:RE: Acid5.0a Update
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:12/23/2004 8:01:38 AM

Me too !

The first thing I don't get is "why they didn't make a public beta ?". I hope they'll organize one for the next version. Acid is far from being stable on my machine : Rewiring Gigastudio is a pain. Especially with Tascam's special drivers/services. I don't even try to turn on MediaManager from now on.

Subject:RE: Acid5.0a Update
Reply by: directgumby
Date:12/23/2004 9:18:10 PM

Hey all,

After working in software for some time - public betas are hard to collect feedback on and still feel that the customer has done them a service. I do understand the desire for them - and they can be useful - but it is difficult to manage at best.

I am sure they are working hard (except for maybe tomorrow) to keep making thing better...

Happy Holidays,

Subject:RE: Acid5.0a Update
Reply by: savadious
Date:12/24/2004 5:42:56 PM

No doubt!

I have to use Acid Pro 4.0 for some of my projects.... as 5.0 likes to ad its own 1/32nd note rest from time to time....

Wahoo listen to the music...
Wahoo listen to the music ....

Pisses me off... :)

I will throw my PC out the window soon.... if this continues... it will be a 1 man protest !


Subject:RE: Acid5.0a Update
Reply by: joys
Date:12/26/2004 7:18:01 AM

I hope the "Bug" will correct as soon as possible .... Because they are really very much!
very heavy and slow as regards the version uses too much time to open the projects,when it loads the Cubase Sx Vst Effect one closes. etc..etc..
I hope that they will otherwise find solution as soon as possible possible ... I change software!

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