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Subject:Manual Cover Page
Posted by: anothercouture
Date:12/21/2004 11:06:51 AM

Hi All,

Now I know this isn't exactly a technical question but......

Having just got my ACID upgrade delivered :) Only to discover no printed manual :( . I decided to print out the PDF file which worked a treat :)

Only thing is there is no cover image on the PDF file so the thing looks a bit cheap, does anyone know where I can get an A4 ACID logo page or a scan of the actual manuals cover page, in that rather fetching green colour?

Thanks in advance and a Merry Christmas to you all,


Subject:RE: Manual Cover Page
Reply by: Djipy
Date:12/21/2004 12:30:48 PM

Maybe you can use the free Acid wallpaper to make a custom front page.
Click here

Subject:RE: Manual Cover Page
Reply by: anothercouture
Date:12/21/2004 3:06:50 PM

Hi Djipy,

Thanks for that was my back plan :)

It just seems a bit odd that they produce a manual and dont give the covers for it ????


Subject:RE: Manual Cover Page
Reply by: DanS
Date:12/21/2004 5:45:24 PM

Never judge a book by it's cover, or lack thereof. ;o)

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