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Subject:AriesVerb v0.2 Reverb
Posted by: DKeenum
Date:12/14/2004 6:57:49 AM

This is a beta reverb that I found interesting. I ran it as a vst with no problems in 5.0.

Subject:RE: AriesVerb v0.2 Reverb
Reply by: coolout
Date:12/15/2004 5:12:07 AM

have you tried SIR?

it's one of the best reverbs out and it's free.

i've never liked software reverbs much except for convolution or proper hardware modelling like the UAD plate.

Subject:RE: AriesVerb v0.2 Reverb
Reply by: _zerobae
Date:12/15/2004 12:39:16 PM

I experienced some troubles with ariesverb - if I insert it on a track in Acid, only the left channel of the track will be played. I don't know why and I haven't fooled around with it a lot, but maybe some of you can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Zerobae - Enchanting Electronic Music

Subject:RE: AriesVerb v0.2 Reverb
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:12/15/2004 1:33:30 PM

I like SIR very much.

I just tried ariesverb v0.2 again and it seems to be playing fine for me.

FWIW, I'm not recomending this reverb for a go to reverb. It's got a "interesting " sound. Try the vocal insert patch.

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