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Subject:Extending a part
Posted by: guitarist321
Date:12/9/2004 9:11:03 PM

If I wish to extend say a chorus, that is in the middle of a song, how I can add a blank region, so I don't have to move all of the tracks to the right one by one...

Subject:RE: Extending a part
Reply by: ExtraEcho
Date:12/9/2004 9:59:28 PM

copy the section to the clipboard. go to edit > paste insert and it'll move everything over and add whatever you had on the clipboard to the timeline wherever you had the marker.

of course if you have alot of track automation and envelopes drawn out this feature is completely useless because it wont shift any of the automation over.

Subject:RE: Extending a part
Reply by: SonyTSW
Date:12/9/2004 10:02:09 PM

Move the cursor to the start of place in the timeline that you want to extend the chorus. Go to the Insert menu and select Time. Type in the length of time you need to insert, in format. A blank "hole" will be inserted in your project and all the events in your project will move to the right by that amount of time. Any event that the cursor intersected will be split.

Subject:RE: Extending a part
Reply by: guitarist321
Date:12/13/2004 2:21:58 PM

For some reason, Screenblast Acid 4.0 does not have a "Time" feature under Insert! Any ideas on this? In the help file it says to do exactly what you've mentioned. I'm using the free version...maybe that's why?

Subject:RE: Extending a part
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:12/14/2004 11:29:37 AM

Are you using the demo of Screenblast ACID 4.0? It should be fully functional for about 30 days. I'm pretty sure it has the insert time command.

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