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Subject:can I upgrade my directX ?
Posted by: Huw
Date:12/9/2004 7:31:19 AM

if I have directX 5, can I upgrade to directX 8 or 9 for free online?



Subject:RE: can I upgrade my directX ?
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:12/9/2004 8:33:35 AM

That depends on if your video card drivers support DirectX 8 or 9. The software is free from Mircosoft BUT... DirectX 5 is pretty old which suggests to me that your graphics card might be pretty old. I would go to the web site of your graphics card vendor and see if the latest drivers for your card supports DirectX 8 or 9. If they do, download the latest video card drivers and install them. Then use upgrade your DirectX.

If your graphics card drivers don’t support DirectX 8 or 9 then your stuck at DirectX 5 until you buy a new graphics card.


Subject:RE: can I upgrade my directX ?
Reply by: hat3k
Date:12/9/2004 1:34:42 PM

Yes, and remember, You can upgrade, but you can't DOWNgrade directx!!! Be carefull. And the other thing: if you install bad direcx you will need only a program for deleting dx. You cannot delete or downgrade it, remember.

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