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Subject:Newb questions
Posted by: chul2
Date:12/4/2004 12:28:01 PM

I am very new to Acid Xpress 3.0. So naturally I have a basic question, which I can't seem to find the answers to. Here it is:
1.) How do insert the different looping instrument sounds into a new project. I can open existing projects that I downloaded for free and save that as a new file, but I want to use sounds from different porjects. Basically I just need to know how to insert those sounds.
If you need further clarification then just say so please. Thanks.

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:12/4/2004 4:11:11 PM

The easiest thing to do is to find the sound files in ACID's explorer window and then drag them onto the timeline where there isn't already a track. This will create a new track for that loop. Then use the mouse to "paint" on the timeline wherever you want that loop to occur.

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: chul2
Date:12/4/2004 7:21:59 PM

Where would I like for the files (assuming I assumed it in the default location)

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:12/4/2004 9:26:48 PM

If you only downloaded ACID Express 3.0 then you need to download some loops. It’s possible that the projects you are opening have loops imbedded in them, which is why you aren’t seeing any loops. You can get a bunch of free loops from 300/30 event on They also have new 8-Packs each week where you can get loops. Finally, the Sony Loop Library contains samples of each library CD. Once you download some loops, just drag ‘em from wherever you put them, drop ‘em on the timeline, and paint the loops where you want them to play in time.


Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: chul2
Date:12/5/2004 7:41:43 PM

Oh ok thank you so much. They were embedded in the project. All of these loops can be used in commercial projects right? One more question, it said that I can only export a maxiumum of 20 mp3's, is there any way to export at full quality once I use these up on the free version or is the program pretty much useless after that? Thanks.

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:12/5/2004 8:20:27 PM

> All of these loops can be used in commercial projects right?

Yes, the loops can be used royalty free in commercial projects.

> it said that I can only export a maxiumum of 20 mp3's

I believe this is due to licensing restrictions. You can always export as a WAV file and then use another MP3 encoder. The free version of MusicMatch Jukebox can encode WAV files to MP3 for you. I’m sure WinAmp and lots of other MP3 players will too.

The purpose of ACID Express is to give you a feel for ACID in hopes that you will purchase ACID Music Studio or even ACID Pro. If you find that you like ACID Express you should seriously consider upgrading to at least ACID Music Studio 5.0.


Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: Rednroll
Date:12/6/2004 2:08:00 PM

Goto the "Help" menu and read the Quick Start item, or download the Acid manual and read the "Getting Started" section. Within 15 minutes of reading you can be up and running with Acid, it really is that easy.

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: SonySCS
Date:12/7/2004 8:53:53 AM

While it's true that ACID XPress comes with an ACID project with embedded media, Magic.acd-zip, that doesn't stop you from easily getting all 10 loops. Use File--> Save As .acd with "Copy all media with file" . I used Sony Screenblast ACID XPress 4.0 (I may as well use the latest)

The sample projects you can d/l and come with 16 loops. Just double click on the .exe. It's a self-extracting zip file and it will make a folder containing 3 acd's and 16 loops. Note that the song "This Olde House" has more than 10 loops, so if you try the .acd in XPress only the first 10 open. They're all in the folder however.

Also you can get various Demo songs by d/l the self-extracting .exe. I only looked at "ACID Jazz", it had 4 loops.

Loops are royalty free and you can go ahead and use them in your original projects, but you can't go distributing the individual loops. I'm not a lawyer so definitely read the entire EULA. Definitely.


ACID XPress + Sample Projects

Demo Songs

EULA for Sony Pictures Digital

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: chul2
Date:12/7/2004 2:25:13 PM

Ok thanks a lot guys. But are there any advantages over using Acid Xpress over using an audio editor such as Adobe Audition (which I already have) besides the ability to "paint" the tracks on? Thanks for all your help.

Subject:RE: Newb questions
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:12/7/2004 9:50:09 PM

Where do I start?

- You can run several loops on different tracks
- You can adjust the song tempo and all the loops adjust tempo and stay in sync together
- You can alter pan and volume separately for each track
- You can cut up loops and build new loops out of the bits
- You can pitch shift loops or entire sections to create key changes
- In general, Acid gives you what you need to build a whole arrangement.

... and that is just ACid Xpress. The other versions add FX, envelopes, more tracks, MIDI etc etc

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