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Subject:Speed/Pitch problem again
Posted by: dbasement
Date:12/4/2004 12:23:24 PM

I posted on this before, but didn't get any answers, so I figured I'd try again. Here are two issues I'm having:

1) I'm using ACID 4.0 with the GINA 24 card. I'll record all the tracks for a project, listen to it, it will sound fine. Then I'll surf the web for a bit or whatever, come back to the track and it's either half the speed or twice the speed of what it was, even though I haven't changed a thing. Sometimes I'll have to restart ACID and open the project again to hear it at normal speed.

2) I'm a newbie so I don't know much about sampling rates. I was told there shouldn't be any reason to use any larger than 44,1000hz. But if I set the GINA card to lock at 44,1000, I get errors saying it's an unsupported sampling rate. Also, whenever I go to File -> Properties and change the sampling rate to 44,100, close down ACID and open it again, it's changed back to 48,000.

Are issues 1 & 2 related? How should I best resolve this?


Subject:RE: Speed/Pitch problem again
Reply by: dbasement
Date:12/4/2004 12:32:04 PM

Sorry, one more question:

What should my buffer size be? Would this be affecting anything?

Subject:RE: Speed/Pitch problem again
Reply by: MikeDee
Date:12/5/2004 12:04:49 AM

It appears that the Gina card is changing its internal sampling rate ("downsampling") to your system sounds, most of which are at a sampling rate of 22k.

Your best bet (not only for starters, but in any event when doing audio) would be to disable system sounds...this way the Gina card's sampling rate is in no danger of being switched.

I feel that this may be your issue, since you mentioned that your sounds are either *half* speed (thus, an octave lower) or *double* speed (thus, an octave higher).

Additionally, should you decide to use the PureWave driver, it will lock the Echo cards to the selected sampling rate. For example, I configured my Layla24 card with the PureWave driver at 44.1KHz. I had not yet disabled my system upon rebooting, I heard the Windows Startup sound an octave higher at twice the speed. Why? Because the Windows Startup sound was a 22k soundfile, and the Layla was locked @ 44k. The PureWave driver bypasses the Windows kernal mixer...goes right to the hardware (soundcard).

Lesson learned: When using your computer for audio, no matter which soundcard driver you use, disable the system sounds. Believe me, you get comfortable without 'em rather quickly. ;)


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