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Subject:Acid 4.0 and hardware
Posted by: mksphnx2001
Date:11/17/2004 12:04:40 PM

Just curious to know if anyone is using Acid 4.o with any hardware. For example using it with an Akai MPC? If so how do you have it running? Do you have your hardware as the master or Acid as the master and the hardware as the slave? Need a little help with this.


Subject:RE: Acid 4.0 and hardware
Reply by: eppik
Date:11/18/2004 9:11:25 AM

It's really easy to do. I found that I had the least hassle with a proper Midi interface though.
Back in the day, I tried having a Soundblaster Live manage this and it was a nightmare.
If you only have one Midi unit, you may not need to go this far, but since I have a variety pack of gear, an interface was the logical choice.
I'm running a Midiman 4x4 interface which gives me (go figure) 4 midi ins and 4 midi outs.
In my midi settings in Acid I have all 8 ins an outs activated. In my case, I'm letting Acid be the master. There is no need for my hardware to masterthe sequencer.

For Midi ins, I have the following set up:

Midi In 1: E-MU ESynth Keys (as Midi Channel 1)
Midi In 2: Roland Jupiter 6 (as Midi Channel 1)
Midi In 3: Roland Octapad II (as Midi Channel 1)

Midi Out 1: E-MU ESynth Keys
Midi Out 2: Roland Jupiter 6

If I want to record a VSTi, I load up the instrument in Acid, enable the real-time playback
and select Midi In 1 as my input. The E-Synth is my main controller....
I can then hit record in Acid, select Midi, select my Midi In (Midi 1 - the E-Synth)
and select the VSTi as the output (so I can hear it :D). So far so good.
Once it's recorded, the Midi info shows up in your mix.
You now have to re-select the output in the mixing window. Send it to the VSTi.

*** HINT HINT SONY:It should do that by default. I already selected it in my record window ***
*** Let me change it to something later, but don't force me to do the same thing twice ***

If I want to record a piece of Hardware (but Midi first), let's say a sound on my E-Synth, I just hit record in Acid, select Midi and only select the input: Midi In 1.
I don't have to worry about the output yet but based on my hint to Sony, I want to set the output to Midi Out 1. Once I've recorded my jam. The midi data shows up on screen.
I, ahem, re-select the output to Midi Out 1 and it should will play back the jam via the E-Synth.
If I'm happy with it, I hit record again in Acid and select audio this time to capture the actual music.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0 and hardware
Reply by: antonio
Date:11/18/2004 12:49:23 PM

I'm sorry for chiming in here, but I've had ACID 4.0 for like 2 years and I still can't get live audio recorded. Can anyone assist me with this??

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0 and hardware
Reply by: eppik
Date:11/18/2004 4:32:38 PM

Maybe you can elaborate on your issue a bit. I've been using & updating Acid since v3.0 and have always been able to record live audio.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0 and hardware
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:11/19/2004 5:21:37 PM

Indeed, let us know how you're setup, antonio. (Are you using ACID Pro 4.0?)

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