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Subject:Acid 4.0 and hardware
Posted by: mksphnx2001
Date:11/17/2004 12:35:32 PM

Need a little help. I am trying to run my Akai MPC into Acid but seem to have some trouble. Anyone running hardware into Acid 4.0? If so how are you doing it? Please advise.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0 and hardware
Reply by: filterthing
Date:11/17/2004 1:50:42 PM

If you are talking midi, it is fairly simple. Attach the MPC via midi and set Acid to send midi clock. I use an mpc1000 which will only see midi clock, not midi timecode. So if that is your case set acid to send midi clock and make sure the mpc is set to external clock. When you press play in acid, the mpc should follow. I don't think you can make the mpc transport control acid, but I could be wrong. Now if you are trying to record (audio) the mpc into acid, this set up will allow acid to set the tempo for the mpc. Good luck

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