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Subject:Customising Layouts...?
Posted by: Lionel Richtea
Date:11/16/2004 6:56:04 PM

I was sure that I read somewhere that you would be able to customise the layout and save them in Acid 5... Am I mistaken? I have trawled through the manual and can find nothing to suggest this is possible. [I am sure that you can do this already in Vegas Video??}


urs confusedly, marLL

PS I found the reference, here on the new features list on the Sony site: "Customizable Workspace NEW
Map and save commonly used keyboard commands. Dock multiple windows together and create different layout configurations for certain editing tasks."

i think they have missed it out somehow!! :(

Subject:RE: Customising Layouts...?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/16/2004 11:23:02 PM

What this means is that you can undock any of the windows at the bottom and create a floating dock window.

Try this: Undock the mixer and then undock the Explorer.
Drag the explorer onto the mixer view. You now have a floating dock window with two windows.

You can create as many of these floating dock windows as you need.


Subject:RE: Customising Layouts...?
Reply by: Lionel Richtea
Date:11/17/2004 5:13:06 AM

ok, this bit "and create different layout configurations" has obviously confused me.
perhaps saveable layouts can be a feature of Acid 6,,,,


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