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Subject:Loading plugins
Posted by: bitbopper
Date:11/10/2004 4:45:38 PM


Been trying ACID 5 and so far it's more stable to me than 4.0 except with loading plugins.

Just loading a plugin takes about 20 seconds. I suspect it's because I have a lot of VST plugins but this is crazy, in other hosts it's instant. I remember that acid 4 was kinda of slow to load plugins but not like that. It is a lot worst than ever.

This is really the only thing I've seen so far that bugs me. The rest is real nice. Nice work on that one.

Subject:RE: Loading plugins
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:11/10/2004 4:56:15 PM

What plug-in? I just loaded Native Instruments B4 and it took about 3 seconds and all that time was spent spinning my hard drive. If it’s a Sampler plug-in or like The Grand, and it has to load lots of sample data before it can load that might be the reason for the delay. 20 seconds sound like a long time I agree.


Subject:RE: Loading plugins
Reply by: bitbopper
Date:11/10/2004 5:10:52 PM

Thanks for the reply,

No it's just about any plugins including the Sony DX ones. I've manage to cut down on the time by half but I've also disable a lot of VST plugs. It stil takes a good 10 seconds just to load one.

When I click on edit chain, 4-5 seconds before the window pops up then another 4-5 seconds just to load the plugin itself.

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