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Subject:Send FX in Acid Pro?
Posted by: _zerobae
Date:10/29/2004 12:03:56 PM

I never thought I'd need this too much, but during the last months I sometimes wished I could apply diffenrent amounts of the same reverb effect to different tracks, say a tiny bit on the vocals and a lot on some background noise. Can this be done in Acid 4 or would I rather have to open several instances of the same reverb for every track, tweaking the dry/wet knob every time? This can get a bit annoying, especially if you want to change the reverb (and thus every reverb on every channel).
What I read in the Acid 5 feature list leaves me wanting to check it out as soon as possible. I espacially look forward to routing bus-to-bus, using vst-effects and grouping several tracks. Working with Acid for quite some time now made me getting used to it and I'm quite fast even where work arounds are needed, so for instance a perfect MIDI implementation would be great, true, but there's nothing MIDI-wise I couldn't get done one way or the other.

Thanks for your help,
Zerobae - Enchanting Electronic Music

Subject:RE: Send FX in Acid Pro?
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:10/29/2004 1:14:07 PM

Yes, you can create sends in ACID 4. Right above the buses, there are three buttons to labeled: Insert FX..., Insert Bus... and Insert Soft Synth.... Press the Insert FX... button and it will insert an FX send. Then go up to the track header and click on the Vol: label next to the volume fader and it will drop down a list. Your new send will be labeled FX 1: (you can have up to 24). You can also select Pre Volume or Post Volume fader. The volume fader on the track header will be replaced with a send fader. Just adjust it for the amount of signal you want to send to the FX for each track. If you look in the ACID documentation, these are referred to as Assignable FX.


Subject:RE: Send FX in Acid Pro?
Reply by: _zerobae
Date:10/29/2004 11:17:52 PM

Yep, exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot!
Zerobae - Enchanting Electronic Music

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