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Subject:Negative delay on single tracks - how?
Posted by: _zerobae
Date:10/19/2004 3:11:56 AM

I'm using Acid Pro 4 and I'm experiencing some troubles with the latency of a certain vst-effect, wrapped in SpinAudio's VST-DX-Wrapper V1.0. The plug-in I'm talking about is elevayta's "Space-Boy", a very useful tool indeed. BUT it introduces latency, in my case 92.88 ms that normally should be compensated by the plug-in itself. However, the wrapper prevents this automatic compensation.

1.)One solution would be to play back the track in question at a negative delay of -92.88 ms, but how can this be done in Acid?

2.)Alternatively, is there a plug-in I can attch to the track that would serve as a "negative delay effect"?

Thanks a lot,
Michael - Enchanting Electronic Music

Subject:RE: Negative delay on single tracks - how?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/19/2004 5:58:54 PM

1) ACID cannot do this. The only thing I can think of is if you take the wet signal, render that and bring it in on a track of its own and offset it.

2) Can't help here. Anyone?

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Subject:RE: Negative delay on single tracks - how?
Reply by: Waskel
Date:10/20/2004 9:03:32 AM

I assume the effect is being applied to a audio file, in which case Iacobus' solution would be the easiest. If you want to make any changes to the dry file, of course, you'll have to re-render it. Have you considered using a different wrapper, such as Fxpansion or Cakewalk?


Subject:RE: Negative delay on single tracks - how?
Reply by: _zerobae
Date:10/22/2004 1:58:21 AM

Thanks mD and Waskel for your suggestions.

I haven't tried other wrappers, as FXpansion seem to have stopped distributing theirs and here in Europe you can't buy from Cakewalk's American website, while on their European page I can't find the wrapper.

"SpaceBoy" is a real time spectral matching plug-in, comparing the spectrals of two tracks and changing the "receiving" track - which means rendering the latter and then using the rendered file isn't an option really - because if you'd apply only slight changes to the "sending" track, the newly rendered track won't fit anymore. There should really be a way of using SpaceBoy on the fly in Acid.

This is the first time I'd really wish Acid Pro could handle VST effects, but there's not much hoping for Version 5 here, I know.

P.S.: Has anyone tried DirectiXer on plug-ins that introduce latency? - Enchanting Electronic Music

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