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Subject:ACID removes MP3 ID3 tags
Posted by: D92
Date:8/29/2004 5:45:29 AM

I am assuming this is a bug... Everytime I use an MP3 file in my ACID project, its ID3 into gets removed...

Subject:RE: ACID removes MP3 ID3 tags
Reply by: Rednroll
Date:8/29/2004 6:31:59 AM

I'm assuming when you import an .MP3 into Acid, then you are rendering to a new .MP3 right? Therefore, it's not removing your original ID3 tag information correct? It's just not saving that ID3 tag with the new rendered .MP3?

Acid doesn't import the ID3 information in with the .MP3 file. I don't think this is a bug with Acid, since you can use multiple .MP3 files, therefore it wouldn't know which .MP3 you'ld like to import. Though maybe it would be nice to have it update the ID3 tag information according to the last file you imported. It would be nice to have a feature which would allow you to import ID3 information, that automatically got entered into the ID3 save tags. I find the same thing when working with .MP3's in Sound Forge. I'll open an .MP3 and want to do a simple edit like normalize or save at a different bit rate. Well when doing so, I lose all the original .MP3 ID3 information when saving to the new file. I have no way of even looking at the original ID3 tag information in Sound Forge, so what I'll end up having to do is play the file in Windows Media Player, and write down the Song title/Artist/Album information, and then manually enter that information into the ID3 tag save in Sound Forge. So this sounds similar to what you're explaining, so I don't think it's a bug, just a lack of feature.

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