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Subject:ACID for Apple
Posted by: D92
Date:8/12/2004 1:50:26 PM


I really want to switch to a Mac. But the problem is that I can't find a programme as good as ACID for a Mac. Is Sony planning on releasing a Mac version anytime soon?

Thanks a lot!

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: bgc
Date:8/12/2004 3:50:37 PM

Definitely not, they're exclusively PC. Apple has an Acid kind of program, check their site. There's also Ableton Live.
I don't think either are anywhere near as useful as Acid, but they're all you've really got.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:8/12/2004 4:54:07 PM

Maybe we can be even more helpful and examine your reasons for wanting to switch to Mac. We might be able to help you see that you're better off staying with Windows and saving lots of money. Maybe. Why do you want to switch to a Mac?

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: D92
Date:8/12/2004 4:59:45 PM

Macs are more stable in general. Also, they work better with Wi-Fi, and are better when it comes to web development (another thing I'm doing). I love OS X.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:8/12/2004 9:30:09 PM

I know Mac users who crash more often than Windows XP users. Heck, i know OS X users who crash more often than Windows 98 users!

Really? Hard data? Maybe you need a better wireless interface in your PC. Maybe the Windows environments you've experienced haven't had the best physical setup for wireless. We have a Wi-Fi network in our conference room area at work that operates flawlessly ... entirely accessed by Windows users.

What web development software do you want to use on a Mac that isn't available for Windows? Most of the web development packages are available for both. They'll run just as well under Windows as they will on a Mac.

All three of your points sound anectodal. Apple's marketing department would love to have you believe all of them, but real world experience just doesn't back them up.

Oh, and PCs are a lot cheaper than Macs. They have more software available, and they are a lot easier and faster to upgrade and repair than Macs are.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: doctorfish
Date:8/13/2004 2:23:54 AM

No ACID for Apple and I also do web development quite happily on a number of Windows computers with nary a crash in site.

Have you had bad experience with Windows computers, Acid crashing, or web development software? If so what? Perhaps we can help.

It's been my experience that if you take the time to build a quality Windows based PC then you'll be just as crash free, if not more so, as any Mac.


Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: D92
Date:8/13/2004 6:13:08 AM

You're right. But I still have a desire to get a Mac. Most of my friends who switched don't want to go back.

I guess I'm going to have to find new software.

Thanks for your input though!

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: Rednroll
Date:8/13/2004 7:37:00 AM

"Macs are more stable in general"

I think what he means is "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." Looks like he will be buying the house next door with all new furniture and find out the hard way.

"Most of my friends who switched don't want to go back."

I guess if I would have made my decisions based on peer pressure, I would still be using a Mac, when all of my older engineering friends told me if I wanted to do serious audio work I would have to buy a Mac.....oh, but wait all those friends have changed their tune and are using PC's now with Windows XP. I just tell them, "I told you so." Oh yeah, that's right I use to be a Mac user, and don't have a desire to go back either. I'm sure Macs are great PC's, I have nothing personal against them, except for the fact that 90% of software is written for Windows and that I'm forced to buy mac hardware.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:8/13/2004 9:19:24 AM

I was a Mac user and acid made a convert out of me. Now I don't look back.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: SonyJennL
Date:8/13/2004 11:29:58 AM

I've heard some users have successfully run ACID on Virtual PC (but it's dang slow). I haven't personally tried it so that advice is at your own risk.

The closest thing you'll find on the Mac is Soundtrack (Garageband is a consumer end version).

But who says you can't have multiple computers if you need a Mac for your graphics work? You'll find 2 PCs and a G4 in my home office.

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: doctorfish
Date:8/13/2004 2:57:50 PM

I'm like you, SonyJennL, got 2 computers in the home office except my other is a Linux machine which I find well suited to web development work. D92 should perhaps look at Linux as a solution for his (sorry if I should say her) second computer if web development is more than a hobby. I couldn't tell from the post how much work he does in this area. Using Windows and Linux I can test using Apache and IIS web servers which makes sense since these seem to be the most dominant servers in the market.

Two machines seems like the soultion though. So often these threads get caught up in the either/or category and people forget that third option of having both, or rather two since I'm suggesting Linux as a third option.


Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: MyST
Date:8/13/2004 5:05:46 PM

The "Mac mentality" is still alive and kicking (rigorously).

Short story...

I went to pick up a spare battery for my Digital8 camcorder the other day. The store had just received some iPods. The younger salesguy there was talking to the manager (who I was there to see, so technically I wasn't butting in). The saleguy says, after looking at the iPod for quite a few minutes, "Now you see why I want a Mac?".
"Macs are solid. They'll still be working in 15 years, your WinPC won't."
So I asked him which one of todays software he could name that worked on a 1989 Mac. Best answer he could come up with was "Yeah, but...".
Apple is a religion. Don't bother trying to convert them, you're wasting your breath. Generally speaking of course.
Glad you came over to the dark side Red! ;-)


Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: th3shad0w
Date:8/13/2004 6:01:19 PM

pro tools




digital performer

there are tons, if you have mony

Subject:RE: ACID for Apple
Reply by: atmofunk
Date:8/14/2004 4:04:26 PM

If yer doing web design with Flash don't evem consider going to a mac.. you'll be frustrated at how slow the player is.

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